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illumex Omni

illumex Omni was created to streamline your organization’s interaction with Large Language Models (LLMs), like Llama2, or LLM Services, like GPT-4. Seamlessly...

Generative Business Glossary

How does illumex auto-generate Business Glossary? illumex employs a comprehensive approach leveraging our proprietary domain-specific Generative AI pipelines to generate business terms....

Initial Setup

How does the illumex connection setup work? illumex strives to provide the simplest and easiest setup process. First, the customer creates a...

Pricing/Purchase Process

What is illumex business model? Our business model is comprised of three different propositions tailored to cater to customers at various stages...

Data Protection Addendum

Table of Contents 1. Scope 1.1  Illumex Technologies Ltd. (“Company”) and Customer, as defined below, are parties to the Agreement, as defined...

Terms & Conditions

Table of Contents These terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions“) set out the terms under which Illumex Technologies, Inc. together with...

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