System Roles

illumex has four types of users: Admin, Domain Expert, Data Owner, and Viewer.
Each with unique permissions and responsibilities tailored to their function within the system. 

  • Admin (System Administrator): Manages the overall system configuration, user and group memberships, and has unrestricted read-write permissions across illumex.

  • Domain Expert: Plays a critical role in managing business domains within illumex by:
    • Defining and managing zones, business terms, metrics, and analyses.
    • Linking these elements to their data sources in a dynamic environment, ensuring they adapt to data and organizational changes.
    • Upholding the accuracy and consistency of business and data definitions, acting as the custodian of a single source of truth for these elements.
    • Having write permissions in the Active Glossary section and receiving related notifications, with read access to the entire system, including areas outside their direct ownership.

Domain experts are typically responsible for data consumption across various business functions, including data science, data applications, and business operations. They can be individuals or teams from departments like Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Governance, or Business Operations.

  • Data Owner: Holds ownership of specific data entities like databases, schemas, tables, BI data models, and dashboards. Responsibilities include:
    • Documenting data entities for clarity and understanding.
    • Taking necessary actions based on alerts and insights received regarding their owned data.

Data owners are typically technical users involved in data management, such as Data Engineers, Analytics Engineers, or BI developers. The specific role may vary depending on the company’s structure and division of responsibilities.

  • Viewer: Represents data consumers or stakeholders with read-only access to authorized sections of illumex. They can view relevant data but lack permission to modify or manage the system.

Here is a detailed description of the system roles and their responsibilities:

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