Initial Setup

illumex strives to provide the simplest and easiest setup process. First, the customer creates a user with read-only metadata access for every data source. Then, the customer adds connection details to each data source in the illumex Setting menu and tests the connection with a click of a button. Once illumex establishes a secure connection to the customer data sources, all the metadata is synced to illumex on the predefined cadence. An alternative setting could be installing a microservice in the customer VPC or on-premise.

illumex collaborates with each customer to identify the most suitable security solution for connecting to their specific database. We offer various options based on your requirements and preferences. For instance, for Snowflake, we can utilize AWS privatelink, and for Amazon Redshift, account access can be utilized. The final choice depends on the specific needs and preferences of your setup.

Yes, We do! illumex fully supports on-premise databases. To establish the connection, the illumex team will provide you with a secure docker image that runs on your servers. This image connects to your databases and securely transmits the metadata to illumex using API Tokens and encrypted HTTPS protocol.

Absolutely! We offer a public repository, where you can find various connectors. If you have a custom connector that you would like to use with illumex, you can integrate it into our platform using the provided SDK. 


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