Pricing/Purchase Process

Our business model is comprised of three different propositions tailored to cater to customers at various stages of their data journey:

  • Fast-moving companies – Designed for companies actively building their data foundation. this package focuses on the data layer rather than data governance and management. It includes essential data-related features like Data Catalog, Data Lineage, Auto-PII Tagging, Data Exploration, and other cross-app functionalities such as Global Search, Collaboration, and Insights. This package covers up to two data sources.

  • Migration projects – Geared towards businesses undergoing data migration projects from on-premises environments to the cloud or replacing solution suites. This package equips consultants and companies with the necessary tools to make informed decisions during migration. It encompasses the data layer from the previous package and extends to the semantic layer (Business Glossary, Metric Store, Analyses Library, Semantic Exploration), AI-Based Suggestive Documentation, and premium support with a dedicated Slack channel and priority onboarding. While there is no limitation on the number of data sources, the package is designed for a 6-month period.

  • Enterprise – Tailored for organizations well-versed in their data journey and seeking comprehensive data understanding, governance, and management. This package includes everything in the previous two packages and further adds Observability, API access, personalized training, a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM), and a priority SLA. There are no limitations on the number of data sources or time duration.

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The package cost is generally based on the number of data sources and the scope of each package. The cost varies accordingly, with lighter pricing for packages containing reduced functionality. All packages are billed on an annual basis.

It’s worth noting that all packages have unlimited seats, tables, and dashboards. Additionally, during the first three months of engagement, there is a built-in opt-out option, and support is included as part of the packages.

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