Time is our most valuable resource. Understanding the source, logic, and outcome of every query in your business is crucial for managing analytics costs, accuracy, and consistency. Unfortunately, these efforts are not feasible to perform manually. The results could be outdated analytics, duplicate data pipelines, misaligned dashboards, and a lack of trust among decision-makers.

illumex advanced column-level Data Lineage feature provides comprehensive visibility into the journey of your data, enabling powerful root cause analysis and impact analysis.

You can effortlessly track the origins and transformations of data elements up to analytics across your entire data ecosystem. By understanding the complete lineage and logic applied to tables, columns, and even BI components, you can easily pinpoint the root causes of issues or discrepancies, saving valuable time and effort in troubleshooting.

Furthermore, performing impact analysis allows you to assess the potential consequences of modifying a specific data element on other tables, views, reports, BI dashboards, and even specific visuals. By comprehending how changes to one table or column can impact your entire system, you can make informed decisions and mitigate any unintended effects, ensuring the integrity and reliability of your data and analytics.

You can jump from Data Lineage to visual Data Exploration and see your data landscape in a beautiful graph, with connections between the different entities based on the team’s practices and usage. You can also easily switch to Data Dictionary to inspect the usage context of each data object.

But despite the fact that the lineage and transformations are easily trackable with illumex built-in lineage, some of the transformation queries include hundreds of lines of code and could be challenging to comprehend. illumex AI Assistant translates the queries to text and distills the logic more concisely and clearly.

Unleash the power of column-level data lineage, gain deep insights, uncover root causes, and make confident, well-informed decisions with minimal risk.

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