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Business Terms play a crucial role in establishing a common language between data producers and consumers. They provide a platform where a single logical entity has a clear business definition and a designated data source, ensuring consistent understanding and addressing all inquiries about the term and its attributes. For instance, “Lead” can be a Business Term with “Source” as one of its attributes.

illumex streamlines this process by automatically mapping your entire Business Terms library. Our engine scans your metadata and connects data elements based on your organization’s unique language, encompassing acronyms, industry lingo, and your organizational terminologies. It also takes into account analytics usage patterns and domain-specific knowledge.

Auto-generated Business Terms are assigned to the respective Data Domain (Zone) owner for the certification process. The Domain Owner can inspect detected conflicts to resolve them or to re-assign the Term to a colleague. They can also leverage Discussions to get more information from other users.

Furthermore, illumex continuously monitors changes in your evolving data stack and sends alerts whenever there is an impact, like a conflict or duplication, on your terms. This ensures that your business terms remain up-to-date and aligned with your data environment.

In addition to the auto-generated Business Terms, users can also create new ones by using the Create New Term Editor.

Regardless of how you maintain your Business Glossary, illmex’s AI Assistant now suggests the Business Term description to streamline the process further.

Having a well-defined and documented business terms library offers several benefits. It eliminates reliance on tribal knowledge, facilitates collaborative maintenance of a Data/Analytics/Business dictionary, enables scalable self-service data discovery, and reduces the time required to gain insights.

Business Term Preview in the Library
Business Term detailed view
AI-assisted Business Term and Attribute description suggestion

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